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Everguard™ eco-friendly repellents are used year-round by spray contractors and landscapers. Protect plants and trees from animal destruction & keep pests like ticks, mosquitos & fleas away. Everguard Spray Contractors can offer these unique services as a full-time business or as a supplement to an existing one, contact us today to learn more!

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Why Everguard Repellents?

Everguard™ Repellents have been developed and tested in the deep woods of New England, an area of North America known for high populations of deer, rabbits, ticks & mosquitos. Our Deer & Rabbit Repellent has been the flagship repellent of our owner-owned spray service, American Deer Proofing of Rhode Island, and is responsible for protecting millions of dollars in landscaping over the last 15 plus years. Our Tick & Mosquito Repellent is the most effective Eco-Friendly Tick & Mosquito Repellent available, and is now protecting the properties of thousands of properties throughout Rhode Island, Connecticut & Massachusetts. This is the Everguard Repellent Advantage, we offer repellents that can be applied all year-round in almost every region of the United States. Furthermore, by licensing with Everguard™ Repellents we give you the tools to succeed. Whether you are a landscaping company looking for a value-added service for your customers, or looking to start your own company from the ground up, our experienced team will offer you the guidance needed to be successful.

Residential & Commercial Yard Protection is in demand

A Recurring Revenue Stream With Year-Round Opportunity

A Proven Business Opportunity With Experienced Support

Advantages of Everguard Licensing vs Competitors

  • Low investment to buy a License
  • Protected Territory
  • Authorized contractor listing on our website
  • Special discount pricing on products
  • No monthly royalty fees
  • No monthly advertising fees
  • Provided spray techniques and pricing guidance
  • You keep control of your company and your name

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Licensing with Everguard Repellents is quick & easy! We offer products that help repel pests that destroy landscaping and those that make the outdoors less pleasant. Our spray contractors are guaranteed they will have exclusive rights to their territory & support from our experienced team as well as contractor pricing for the most effective all natural repellents, Everguard Repellents.

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